Accommodation10 EUR/person
 Accommodation for youngster (12-15 years old)
5 EUR/person
Accommodation for children (4-11 years old)
2 EUR/person
 Camper, caravan and car
 Mini camper, sleeping car
 Car2 EUR
 Electricity 4 EUR/24h
 Electric car charging
1 EUR/h
 Glamping tent
 70 EUR for a night

Price calculation

No matter who you come with, you have to pay a fee per person, so the minimum is 10 EUR. If you are 2, then 20 EUR, etc. The price for a child is determined depending on the age (see in the pricelist). If you have a car, then add 2 EUR. If you have a camper, then add 6 EUR. If you need an electricity connection, then 4 EUR.

There is no separate payment for the tent place.